February 6, 2024

Lululemon’s Sustainability: The Good & The Bad

We dove into the numbers here at Karma Wallet, and found Lululemon scoring a 6.5/16. That's way above the activewear industry's average of a mere 2.64/16. So, what gives? Let's unpack the story behind the score and see just how...
January 22, 2024

How Karma Wallet and JUST Capital use data to help consumers align their spending with their values

JUST Capital's 1,000 rankings offer clear, data-driven insights into how companies operate, empowering customers to make informed choices; a critical bridge between corporate actions and consumer preferences. 
November 7, 2023

Company Spotlight: Activist Skincare

Activist Skincare: your skin’s best advocate. High performance ingredients meet refillable packaging with this sustainable skincare brand. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically made in Los Angeles. 
October 24, 2023

Company Spotlight: Karma Nuts

Do good. Eat good. Feel good. That’s the motto of Karma Nuts, a snack company offering delicious, healthy nut products while prioritizing sustainability. They’re the same cashews you know and love but with more fiber, more flavor, and more antioxidants. 
October 24, 2023

Company Spotlight: Plaine Products

Take a look around your bathroom. Despite what products you have – you’ll notice one thing in common: plastic. Plaine Products is reimagining your favorite bath, body, and personal care products in refillable, plastic-free packaging.
October 11, 2023

Company Spotlight: Our Place

Our Place believes in the power of home cooking to bring people together. Their foundation is toxin-free ceramic nonstick cookware in a variety of Insta-worthy colors. This kitchenware brand has crafted a suite of essentials that make cooking together easy.
September 26, 2023

Company Spotlight: The Bouqs 

The Bouqs is rooted in kindness. This modern floral brand connects people to farm-fresh flowers AND the partners that grew them. Here's a bit about their sustainability commitments, flower sourcing standards, brand story, and how they do things differently.
September 20, 2023

Company Spotlight: Reel

0 trees. 0 plastic. 0 compromise. That’s the motto of Reel – a company redefining an everyday essential: toilet paper. Using earth-friendly recycled fibers and bamboo fibers, they create single-use paper products that are kinder to our planet.