How Karma Wallet and JUST Capital use data to help consumers align their spending with their values

JUST Capital’s 1,000 rankings offer clear, data-driven insights into how companies operate, empowering customers to make informed choices; a critical bridge between corporate actions and consumer preferences.

This blog was written by Jayant Khadilkar, CEO and Co-Founder of Karma Wallet, and Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital.

January 22, 2024


Values-oriented consumerism is set to become a major movement. In light of our heightened awareness of societally-important issues, on both a local and a global basis, more and more consumers are looking for ways to incorporate impact into their daily lives. Millennials and Gen Z in particular are increasingly concerned about social purpose, sustainability and the environment, leading to a growing demand for products and services that align with these ethical values. But older consumers also increasingly aware of the power of their hard-earned dollars, and selective in which companies they buy from

This reflects both an overall shift in awareness toward more values-oriented consumption, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of business economic activities and socio-environmental impacts.

The net effect of this is having a profound effect on the consumer purchasing market today. As people become ever more informed and empowered, it also has the potential to reshape corporate marketing and business strategies too, as companies seek to connect more deeply to consumer motivations. 

Leading the charge in this consumer revolution is Karma Wallet, a financial ecosystem that lets users see how their favorite brands fare according to critical societal and sustainability issues, and view, in real time, how aligned those same brands are to the spender’s values. 

Karma Wallet’s app-based platform gives members a whole new view into how their spending habits impact the environment, and whether the brands they support are truly sustainable or simply greenwashing. These insights are made possible through data provided by JUST Capital (among others) and their proprietary methodology. 

JUST Capital’s Role

JUST Capital drives positive change in corporate behavior through their extensive partnerships, survey research and corporate data analysis. They’ve developed a robust, objective, non-political methodology for evaluating and ranking companies, grounded in comprehensive metrics that assess corporate performance across key themes identified as important to the general public via an extensive polling and survey research work. Their data also aligns well with the U.N. SDGs, a set of global, recognized standards for measuring and understanding organizational and individual impact.

JUST Capital’s 1,000 rankings offer clear, data-driven insights into how companies operate, empowering customers to make informed choices; a critical bridge between corporate actions and consumer preferences. 

Karma Wallet’s Integration with JUST Capital

Karma Wallet’s proprietary app integrates data collected by 40 partners, including JUST Capital, to produce impact information of close to 18,000 companies, offering users a clear view of how their spending choices impact broader societal, economic, and environmental goals. Their impact data platform promotes transparency and encourages companies to improve their practices; knowing consumers are watching and making choices based on their score.

Changing Consumer Habits

Karma Wallet’s ratings already have a profound impact on consumer spending habits. Data from the platform shows 51% of members shifted their spending behavior after signing up for Karma Wallet, showing that when provided with actionable, practical knowledge, people make better choices. 

The new Karma Wallet Card, launching early 2024, will directly integrate JUST Capital’s ratings into every transaction, allowing cardholders to see the ethical score of the companies they purchase from in real-time.

In addition to providing never before seen transparency, the Karma Wallet Card also offers a number of other features that make it a card worth carrying. For example, the card offers up to 20% cash back*, rewards for purchases made from ethical brands, meals donated for eating at local restaurants, and donations to reforestation every time the card is swiped at a gas station. The cards’ benefits make it easy for consumers to make a difference doing the things they already do every day.

Karma Wallet’s habits mirror those of the platform’s members; the organization has pledged to donate 5% of their revenue to selected non-profits whose values are aligned with positive impact; leading from the front as changemakers in the fintech and climate industries. 

Broad Implications

The partnership between Karma Wallet and JUST Capital is a significant step forward in the movement towards values-led consumerism. By rewarding consumers for making more “just” choices, they’re incentivized to operate in a more socially and planet-friendly manner. 

As more consumers demand ethical products and services, businesses will be forced to adapt to stay competitive. A more responsible corporate landscape, where companies and their leaders are accountable for their impact on the environment and society, is Karma Wallet’s intended result.  And, as spending becomes more sustainable and ethical, new jobs and opportunities for workers will be created, boosting the economy and heralding a new era where conscious consumerism drives market trends.


The collaboration between JUST Capital and Karma Wallet is a significant milestone in the journey toward more values-oriented consumerism. By empowering consumers with the knowledge to make informed choices and offering tools like the Karma Wallet Card, both partners are setting a new standard in the market, transforming its very ethos toward a better future.

*This optional offer is not a Pathward product or service nor does Pathward endorse this offer. Up to 20%* cashback with eligible brands.

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