Concept Paper: Ndustrial’s Innovative Employee Recognition and Reward Strategy with Karma Wallet and HeyTaco

As an impact focused organization, Ndustrial wanted more than a rewards card. Offering a Karma Wallet Card is an extension of the company’s core values.

February 16, 2024


Overview/Use Case: Experiential Performance Rewards

Ndustrial, a Raleigh NC based company focused on reducing energy waste in the industrial sector,  has redefined employee recognition by integrating the playful, gratitude-centered approach of HeyTaco with the impactful, sustainable focus of Karma Wallet. HeyTaco allows team members to award ‘tacos’ as tokens of appreciation for achievements, big or small. Ndustrial has innovatively adapted this system; for every 25 tacos an employee earns, they receive $25 loaded onto their Karma Wallet reloadable prepaid debit card. This approach combines the immediate gratification of receiving tacos with the long-term, tangible benefit of purpose-backed financial rewards.

Why Ndustrial Chose Karma Wallet

As an impact focused organization, Ndustrial wanted more than a rewards card. Offering a Karma Wallet Card is an extension of the company’s core values. It’s not just a financial tool; it’s a further testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Karma Wallet elevates the outdated reward experience and incentivizes environmentally conscious choices, reinforcing Ndustrial’s positive culture. With features like social and environmental impact data on close to 18,000 companies, cashback on sustainable purchases and donations to efforts like reforestation and food security, Karma Wallet truly embodies the values and needs of Ndustrial’s ethos. In addition to getting the reward on to Karma Wallet card, individuals can load their own money to support socially and environmentally conscious brands. 

Peer-to-peer recognition enabled by HeyTaco

HeyTaco helps teams create a vibrant culture built on gratitude. By giving tach other tacos as a sign of appreciation, users get to share thanks in a public channel, creating a fun and an engaging environment that everyone gets to see and be a part of. When paired with Karma Wallet, these tacos earned from peers translate into real-world value, further rewarding and incentivizing performance and participation. 

Results: A Revolution in Reward Distribution

Ndustrial’s innovative integration of Karma Wallet, selected because of their commitment to impact and B corp status among other factors, has significantly streamlined the reward distribution process. By directly loading funds onto Karma Wallet cards, the team simplified management of the entire rewards distribution process. By providing employees with a values-aligned benefit with the freedom to choose where and how they spend their rewards, this unique rewards program has the power to attract talent and customers who prioritize corporate responsibility and ethical practices, enhancing Ndustrial’s appeal to a broader range of stakeholders

“The collaboration between HeyTaco and Karma Wallet not only underlines Ndustrial’s commitment to innovative employee engagement but also reinforces our stance as a forward-thinking leader in fostering a sustainable and responsible workplace culture.”


Ndustrial’s integration of HeyTaco with Karma Wallet is more than just a rewards program; it’s a statement of the company’s innovative approach to employee engagement and its commitment to a holistic approach to the impact of their organization as a whole. This strategy enhances the appeal of the organization to its current employees and positions Ndustrial as a forward-thinking leader in employee satisfaction and environmental responsibility. The case of Ndustrial showcases how integrating fun, recognition, and tangible rewards can create a more engaged, motivated, and satisfied workforce.

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