Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect gift for your partner. This year, give the gift of sustainability with our top eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts!

January 30, 2024


As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect gift for your partner. This year, give the gift of sustainability with our top eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts. From sustainably sourced flowers to recycled jewelry to experiences, we’ve gathered our favorite ways to celebrate the season of love.

Let’s dive in!

1: Ethically-Sourced Flowers

Around 250 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day each year. And many of these will be packaged in plastic and grown in a non-sustainable way. But… there’s a better way. Enter The Bouqs: a modern floral brand that connects people to farm-fresh flowers AND the partners that grew them.

The Bouqs was designed to make the flower shopping experience better for all. That means better for you, better for farmers, and even better for the flowers.

Most flower companies use middlemen – which means the flowers spend a ton of time traveling. The more they travel and are handled, the more likely they are to wilt once they get to you. The Bouqs sources sustainably grown flowers directly from farmers, then uses a cut-to-bloom method to ensure your flowers blossom in your home, not wilt.

The farmers they partner with are certified by groups like the Rainforest Alliance and BloomCheck, and most employ practices like recycling water, composting plant waste, and organic pest control practices.

By supporting farmers directly, they can ensure the farmers are paid fairly for their blooms, and support employee programs like retirement plans, education and health services, and more.

When the flowers arrive at your door, they come in beautiful, recyclable, eco-friendly packaging to reduce waste.

This Valentine’s Day, order a bouquet from The Bouqs! Or… set up a flower subscription service, so your loved one can get flowers every month.

Ready to get started? Shop The Bouqs here!

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2: Sustainable Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Opting for sustainably and ethically sourced pieces adds an extra layer of meaning! Look for jewelry made from recycled and upcycled materials, or consider vintage or second hand pieces.

Boma Jewelry (rated positively on Karma Wallet!) offers a huge variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more – all made from recycled or ethically sourced materials. Plus, they’re a Certified B Corp! Shop their Valentine’s Day collection here.

DEZEN (earn up to 6.75% cashback through Karma Wallet!) is another favorite for ethical jewelry. They’re revolutionizing how we use resources through their circular, closed loop system and zero waste production methods. Explore their funky hoop earrings made from eco-friendly materials here!

3: Experiences

The best gift is a shared experience. Shift the focus from physical gifts to an activity where you and your partner can have quality time together. Cook a special meal together, hit the farmers market, organize a weekend getaway or camping trip, go on a nature walk, or get crafty!

One silly suggestion: get art supplies and draw each other – it’s an exercise that’s sure to bring some serious laughs.

Celebrating Galentine’s day this year? Celebrate your friendship with these ideas:

  • Floral arrangement party: get a bunch of different flowers from The Bouqs, thrift some small vases, and have your besties create their own floral arrangements.
  • Wine and paint night: there’s tons of online tutorials for a virtual paint night – or you can freestyle paint. Check your area for thrift stores dedicated to upcycling craft and paint supplies – many organizations are finding ways to bring new life to unused art supplies.
  • Clothing swap: encourage your friends to bring clothing and accessories they no longer want. This is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and bond over fashion!

4: DIY Gifts

It’s the thought that counts (really!) A DIY gift is an awesome way to show your partner you care, while also being able to get a little crafty. If you’re not feeling too creative, there are a ton of small businesses on Etsy that allow you to create a custom gift, too. Here’s some of our top DIY gifts:

  • Write a love letter: while it might sound cheesy, writing a love letter can be super romantic – and is sure to impress your partner. Each year, 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sold in the USA… and many are made from materials that can’t be recycled. For your love letter, craft something from recyclable paper, or find a greeting card company prioritizing recycled and upcycled materials – not plastic.
  • Bake something: they always say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Even if you use a premade cake box, baking your own treats is one of our favorite eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts. Then you can enjoy the treats together!
  • Custom playlist: craft a playlist that holds sentimental value or reflects your relationship.
  • Scrapbook: print out your favorite photos together, and create a photo album or scrapbook to look back on over the years. This is a great activity to do together, too!
  • Etsy: if you need a little help, there are a bunch of small businesses on Etsy ready to lend a hand. Create your own vinyl with your favorite songs on it or have an independent artist draw/paint you and your partner. Just be sure to do a bit of research into the Etsy seller to ensure they’re operating sustainably!

5: Chocolate

A Valentine’s Day classic – chocolate. But… you want to ensure that your chocolate is made from high-quality ingredients. One of our favorite brands is Tony’s Chocoloney (rated 11/16 on Karma Wallet!). Their chocolate is 100% exploitation-free, ensuring that no part of their supply chain includes illegal child labor or unfair working conditions and wages, which is the norm for many chocolate companies. Yikes!

They use only traceable cocoa beans, which they pay a higher price for, to ensure that cocoa farmers earn a living income and can run their farms more sustainably. Plus, their chocolate bars come in a bunch of fun flavors, so there’s no shortage of options for eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating love with your loved one, friends, and family. Not about how much you spend, or how many gifts you give. By opting for eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts, you can prioritize your relationships the right way – and be a bit kinder on our planet.

These are some of our top suggestions, but there are many more out there. What are your favorite ways to celebrate the season sustainably? Let us know in the comments!